Angelina & Nathan 9/15/18

If you don’t hire Jeff and Amy to be your videographers, I suggest inviting them to your wedding as guests. They are the most genuine, thoughtful and reliable people you’ll ever meet. When we contacted Jeff about hiring him for our wedding, he suggested that we all grab dinner before signing anything, to make sure that we’re comfortable with them before we book them for such an important role. We immediately clicked with them! I can’t imagine anyone not feeling comfortable, they’re the kind of people that everyone takes to! Upon the arrival of the big day, we were sent a survey that questioned us about what was most important to us and they were sure to capture every part of that. Jeff and Amy went above and beyond in the editing process. The video completely captured all of the special moments, even the ones so easily forgotten, and all of the emotions that make you feel like you’re back in that moment. I have never loved anything as much as I love our wedding video. It is something we will watch for the rest of our lives, and be able to share with our friends and family, and future children. I am so happy that we decided to invest in a videographer, and so grateful that we had Jeff and Amy as the ones to do it. Not only did we love them, but our families loved them too! Amy was pulled out onto the dance floor with us and fit right in no problem. The video is nothing short of amazing, just like these two! Above and beyond work. Jeff even sent us still shots from the video. Highly recommend!! Worth every penny.


Kate & Eric 6/2/18

Jeff was wonderful to work with. We can't recommend him enough. His work product is excellent! You won't be disappointed.

Photo Credit by Trisha Cullen Photography

Photo Credit by Trisha Cullen Photography

Kristin & Kyle 9/8/18

Jeff & his partner Amy stayed for our entire wedding weekend and not only did such an amazing job capturing everything we wanted, but seemlessly caught moments we didnt even realize took place. They made us feelso comfortable & I would highly recommend their services to anyone planning a wedding, family reunion, or just for a special occasion. So worth it.