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Do you really need a Wedding Video?

Capturing Movement and Sound
Still photos provide an image of a moment in time, but wedding videos capture both movement and sound. With a wedding video, you’ll be able to hear your spouse gasp during your first look, your dad’s toast and your mom’s laughter. You’ll be able to watch your first kiss as newlyweds, your first dance, and your grandmother’s amazing dance moves. For as beautiful and artistic as still photos can be, they cannot capture motion or sound—which makes a wedding video a must-have.

The Emotion Factor
It’s so important to hire a professional videographer who will not only capture the raw footage of your big day, but also edit it down to create an emotional movie, frequently set to music, that will truly tell the story of your wedding from start to finish. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—it’s the closest thing to reliving your wedding day.

You Won’t See Everything—But a Video Will Capture It
Your wedding day will go by very quickly, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to see everything. For example, you won’t be able to watch your flower girl walk down the aisle while you’re waiting in the wings. You won’t see your mother-in-law shed a tear while you’re saying your vows. You might not see your parents dancing cheek-to-cheek while you’re mingling with guests. But a videographer can capture these moments on film, and allow you to watch them as though you were really there, and see even more moments than you were able to on your wedding day.

Easily Shareable
Nowadays, videographers are able to upload wedding videos onto platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. This allows you to easily share your wedding video with loved ones (instead of lugging tapes or CDs to your grandmother’s house). Your videographer may also be able to create short clips for you to share on social media. It makes hiring a videographer ideal for those who are having smaller or destination weddings—you can help family members and friends who were unable to attend feel like they were actually there.

Watch it Again and Again
While you can’t hang your wedding video on your wall and see it every day like you can with your photos, you can find special times to watch it and let the memories come flooding back. Host a viewing bash with your wedding party, or watch it every year on your anniversary. Your wedding video will make a special occasion even more special.


We dont just film your wedding we are telling a story…

As a storyteller and documentarian, I would be very excited to hear about YOUR story. Every couple has an exciting story or two about their relationship, something unique and special about their wedding, and family and friends who will help make the wedding something that should be preserved with video.

We want to tell your love story the way you envisioned it to be. We try to make every wedding or event as stress free as possible for our clients by taking care of all the small details. Being aware of your vision and listening to your ideas, together we create a truly signature experience that you will be proud of and want to share with your family, friends and future children.



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HIGHLIGHT PACKAGE                    $2860

Our base wedding cinematography package is a perfect all around package providing you with 2 cinematographers for 8 hours capturing all the essential elements of your wedding professionally and creatively. We create a gorgeous cinematic short film telling your wedding story.


A highlight video can run anywhere from 6-8 minutes in length on average and depending on the level of service requested. They can also contain bits of live audio recording, typically the ceremony vows, or other parts as requested ahead of time.The Highlight Film is a great way to capture the best moments and Bridal Preps, Groom Preps, Drone shots of wedding venue. First look, 3 camera angles Ceremony Video & Reception. Edited down with the best highlighted material to be used for a short highlight film 6-8 minutes. 


1 min Instagram Teaser

6-8 min Highlight Film

Full Ceremony 3 camera Angle doc edit


Dropbox, MediaZilla & YouTube link  


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A Cinematic Short Film (included in the base package) captures your story, emotions, and the unique details of your unforgettable day. We hand-pick special moments from your full wedding day, key speeches or toasts, beautiful shots of your venue and put together a 6-8 minute cinematic highlight film. Our creative approach to filming and our diligence in editing allows us to create a beautiful memory that will last forever.

We pick the best moments that tell a story and love using toasts, personal vows, profound words from the officient that tug on your heart strings and provoke emotion.

Delivered 8-10 weeks after your wedding day.



Features Overview

Our featured add-ons are tailored to give your Wedding video a creative boost. We let you choose what you want and can upgrade at anytime after the Wedding date. Maybe there was a moment that you really want to watch again and again in its full entirety. 

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FEATURE FILM 20-25 minutes - $600

Upgrading to a Feature Film from a Short Film is recommended as it includes more content from your wedding day extending your Wedding Film to 12-15 memorable minutes. The Feature Film builds on the Short Film and digs deeper into your wedding day story including more footage especially from your ceremony and reception.


Do you like both film lengths? You can book both! This allows you to enjoy a short film that is shared online within 6-8 weeks and a film that is more complete and includes more from your wedding. Get both in your base package for a total of $3460.




Ever so often there are some speeches they are just so great you want watch from beginning to end. A blessing from a pastor or the Father of the Bride tells a heartfelt story of his daughter that doesnt leave a dry in eye the room and you can feel the emotion.

Maid of honor toasts are usually the best well written, thought out speeches we have ever heard. They know how important these are to the couple and much time and thought, love and consideration goes into the presentation.

Maybe your Best man delivers a funny story growing up that gets the room filled with laughter or offers some insight or advive about marriage. Some of these moments you will charish and will want to relive and watch the full version.

Our Short films and Feature films really depend on a great story being told or loving words from these speeches. We really encourage both Maid of honor, best man or Father of the bride to really use this time to deliver something amazing to the newly married couple. 

Video comes fully edited with 3 camera angles and professional audio


Photo Credit Price Burr Photography


Everything is important on your wedding day. At $400 each, we will edit your wedding ceremony and reception in its entirety. Cutting between all the camera, angles and mixing the audio – creating professional and chronological videos of your Wedding Ceremony and Reception. That means you are able to have your full wedding ceremony from beginning to end cutting between multiple angles.

This is the most important aspect of you day and the whole reason why family and friends gathered to witness your wedding. We like to stay out of the way and let the ceremony feel natural and unintrusive as possible. We have one camera on each side of the wedding party getting Brides reaction and Grooms reaction. The other camera is a wide shot.

The reception footage consists of detail shots of tables, cocktail hour of guests interacting having fun, going into the Wedding Party Introductions, First Dances of Bride & Groom, Father & Daughter, Mother & Son Dance. The majority of the night will be shots of dancing and guests enjoing themselves.

We highly suggest getting the Ducumentary because its a longer version of how the day and night plays out and is less polished raw video.




Addtional Cinematographer $600

We recommend this for large events of 300 or more guests. This allows us to capture more angles of your event and more importantly, more shots of your wedding guests. Having a 3rd shooter can more capture details throughout the day. 

  • Lead Shooter Films Bride related content, hair, makeup, dress, shoes, jewelery, Putting on dress, Bridal party getting ready.
  • Second Shooter Films Groom related content,Tux, shoes, watch, Putting on Jacket, shoes Groom party getting ready.
  • Third Shooter Films details, Drone shots, Slider details, Extra angles

Additional hours (per hour) $200

Adding hours to your wedding day allows us to capture a few more moments that happen throughout the day, especially at the end of the reception. If the day is running late we understand and we usually stay an extra hour to make sure we get what we need. If you would like us to stay loner for more coverge, we can invoice you for the extra time.

Full Ceremony 3-4 camera $300

Wedding Ceremonies can range from 20-60 mins and sometimes 2 hours. Unfortunately we can add the whole ceremony to a wedding film because of We recommend adding this full ceremony feature to your package so you can watch togther every year on your anniversary. 

Full Speeches FOB, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Blessing $200

Every once in awhile we get a very memorable heartwarming or funny speech that should be remembered and watched over and over again to its entirety. A well rehearsed toast or a great story teller can always capture the rooms attention. We recommend adding the full speeches after the wedding has happened.  We Capture audio from the DJ Wireless microphone to get crisp sounding speeches.

  • We have 2-3 camera angles to cut to for toasts.
  • 1-2 cameras on the speaker or toast giver.
  • 1 camera on crowd or family reactions
  • Audio recorder plugged into DJ system
  • Back up wireless Lav Mic to ensure quality sounding audio.

Travel Fee $400

For weddings outside of New England area Fees include Hotel and travel expences.

RAW footage $500

A hard drive full of ALL of the footage we captured on your wedding day. Unedited. (500 GB hard drive included).



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